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If you don't see what you're looking for here, I'm more than happy to help you find it. Simply click Let's Connect at the bottom of the page to get started! Consultations are free.

I am covered by professional liability insurance as a HR professional.


Please note I do not offer workplace investigations or payroll services. However, I am more than happy to provide you with a referral.


Workplace Policies 



Organizations are required to operate under several mandates employment laws and regulations. Do you know what they are? Don't sweat it! 

I can review your current policies or help you develop new ones. A training plan can be developed to ensure you and your employees know how to follow through on the new plans and procedures.


Don't wait until an issue arises. Protect your employees, preserve your reputation, and save your hard earned money. Be proactive and get up to date with your employment obligations.

General HR Advice



Your Human Resource questions answered!

Are you hiring a new employee? Looking for a group health & dental plan? Thinking of restructuring but unsure how to start? Dealing with a difficult employee and wondering if you should fire them? Wondering how to handle a workplace injury? Or developing a return to work plan for an employee after a medical leave?

Don't Google search for answers. You have unique needs with many different options and outcomes. Understanding your  legislative obligations, employee needs, and doing the right thing for your business requires a personal touch.

Call me with your one-off questions; the answers can make a huge difference between doing things and doing things right!




Employment Legislative Compliance


Is your organization in compliance with all relevant legislation? Do you know what the relevant legislation is?

I can review your employee policies and handbook to ensure it  meets the Employment Standards Act. If new policies need to be met, we can work together to develop policies tailored to fit your culture. A training plan can be developed to ensure you and your employees understand the new policies that govern the workplace.

Protect your organization from potential fines and lawsuits while reducing work place conflicts.


Strategic HR Management


How do you propel your business towards future success? You focus on the people who do the work!


I will work with you to establish plans and programs for

  • employee recruitment, engagement, and retention

  • leadership development

  • succession planning

  • new employee on-boarding and training

  • performance management

An organization’s capacity to manage employees is closely related to its ability to achieve high performance levels and superior business results. Employees are your greatest asset!

Executive Coaching & Interim Services


Great companies have one thing in common – strong leadership. That is because great companies identify, develop, nurture and retain their leaders, and therefore build an organization that is capable of meeting the challenges ahead.


I can help your key leader meet their full potential by honing in on strengths by:

  • providing assessment and feedback as an unbiased third party

  • working one-on-one or in small teams to develop critical skills in areas such as leadership and communication

Are you in between an Executive Director, General Manager, or CEO? I can provide substitute leadership for your organization to ensure continuity of operations. While doing so, I can help you search for a permanent hire!

Exclusive to Non Profits



Non profits face the same challenges and obligations as a private business. However, nonprofits have other pressures, such as specific provincial and federal nonprofit acts and regulations. Additionally, NFP are mandated by by-laws and governed by a board of directors.

If you are a non profit organization, you have special needs. Aside from my other services, I can provide additional help with:

  • Board of Directors recruitment, training, and development

  • Bylaw revisions

  • Policies that are in compliance with additional NFP legislation

  • Executive director development

  • Organizational performance management

  • Some services provided pro bono as part of my 'giving back' commitment

Make the biggest impact with your mission. An engaged Board of Directors, updated bylaws, and compliance with all legislation and regulations will maximize your outputs. Your funders and donors will be impressed!

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