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Strategic HR gives your business a competitive edge!

HR management has changed dramatically in recent decades. It was once largely an administrative function focused on day-to-day responsibilities such as employee recruiting and selection and managing employee benefits.


Changing labor market conditions and new business thinking call for HR business strategies that include recruiting and retaining the right people, as well as providing ethical and cultural leadership.

The closer the alignment between HR and an organization's overall business strategy, the better the company's ability to anticipate and respond to customer needs and to maintain competitive advantage.

Particular benefits of HR strategic planning include the following:

  • Avoiding costly and disruptive surprises that interfere with achieving goals.

  • Addressing key issues in a timely manner to avoid crises.

  • Promoting employee productivity and overall organizational success.

  • Providing a sense of direction to positively affect how work gets done.

  • Keeping employees focused on organizational goals.

  • Providing a strategic focus to guide training and development initiatives.

  • Giving leaders tools to help focus and implement their strategic initiatives.

Clearly, HR management gives your organization a leading edge!


Human Resource Professional Association (HRPA)

As a HRPA regulated professional, I am committed to the highest ethical practices and to a professional Code of Conduct. This includes:

- avoiding any conflicts of interest

- working within my scope of knowledge and skills

- showing respect for all involved stakeholders

- operating fully within all legislation and laws

- withdrawing services if asked to violate my code of conduct, legislation, or laws

- making recommendations based on evidence and best practices

- acting in the best interest of my client

- maintaining strict confidentiality

- adhering to the Registered Human Resource Professionals Act, 2013

- carrying professional liability insurance

Read the HRPA Code of Professional Conduct & Code of Ethics here.

See my public register here.

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