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If you do not have a Human Resource Manager on staff, you may be operating with considerable gaps and preventable risks. Let me help you fill those gaps and mitigate your risks with affordable human resource and business support. My services are professional, personalized for your needs, and protects you and your business from unnecessary risks and costly mistakes.


Whether you are facing a current employee challenge, looking for advice before making a big decision, or need a policy audit to make sure your bases are covered, I can give you peace of mind that your business is moving in the right direction.

Kimberley Inniss-Petersen


Established at the forefront of the Bruce County business community as the former Executive Director of the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce, Kimberley is an influencer whose results are not only measured in impressive organizational efficiencies and productivity, but also in her dedication and commitment to her team, network and associates. Her role as Executive Director has added further testimony to her strength as a disruptive leader who drives growth by leveraging high performance teams.


Kimberley has shared her HR and business expertise by contributing to community focused projects including the Saugeen Shores Attainable Housing Task Force, the Bruce County Economic Recovery Task Force, and Getting to Work Advisory Committee. For Chamber member businesses, she contributed her time and skill on helping business owners manage their staff through the changing employment and related legislation landscape and on best practices during the COVID pandemic. She has contributed to approximately 40 health and safety policies for business owners in Saugeen Shores. It is fair to say she is well known and respected in her network for her contributions in human resource and business management.


Kimberley has invested significantly to her professional development and personal achievements: she possesses a Bachelor of Science degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, is a HRPA registered Human Resource professional with the CHRL certification, has a certificate in Not For Profit Leadership, and is currently pursuing advanced studies in Business Administration at McMaster University. She is also a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist. Kimberley is an ongoing learner who engages in professional development to fine tune her skills and knowledge, stays current with industry and business trends, and parlays this knowledge to bottom line results for the client she works with.


While Kimberley is career focused, she is also very active in her personal life. She provides pro bono consulting to grass roots nonprofits, mentors young professionals in their career development, and organizes community events, most notably the annual 'Brave, Bold' Breakfast' Women's Day networking event. She also spends quality time with her husband Al, a provincial officer who specializes in municipal drinking water systems compliance, and their three daughters in a beach house on the shores of Lake Huron where she enjoys gardening, hiking, and watching spectacular sunsets!


circle only.png

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It can represent the notions of totality, wholeness, and cyclic movement. Some see the circle as representing harmony, unity and a divine journey with no ending. The empty centre can represent a clear mind, one open to possibilities. Even in Human Resources, a circle can represent the full-cycle process of employee management. For me, the circle means all of those things which is why I chose it to represent my business and my values.


To be the Human Resource business partner for organizations committed to building success through strategic workforce planning and ethical practices.


- Develop value-added Human Resources policies and programs,

- Provide expert consultation, services and solutions in a customer-focused manner and,

- Equip employers with the tools necessary to meet their legal and ethical needs.

Values Statement

- To treat others with value and respect.

- To invest in my professional growth to better serve my clients.

- To be mindful, ethical, and honest in all my interactions.

- To inspire and motivate others to reach their greatest potential.

- To reinvest back into my community at every opportunity.

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